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  • Throwback Thursday: Vintage Training Material

    Aug 14

    A good friend of mine and former co-worker hit me up today with a little surprise.  He was cleaning out his office as he prepares to transition to a new job, and came across this:   What?  A crappy looking plastic folder with some documents inside in sloppy handwriting?  No no, my friends. What you’re […]

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  • If you agree, go here to vote:

    The Next Big Idea in Solar: Voting

    Jul 26

    Here are the voting instructions.  Not sure what you’re voting for?  Click here to find out. You can jump directly to the page to vote for the submission from AES here. When this page loads, you should see a description of the proposal.  Please read it over, because I firmly believe this is a game changing […]

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  • And you will, too!

    The next big idea in Solar Power

    Jul 26

    The simple, blunt truth is this: The only real reason we haven’t already achieved higher efficiency and lower cost in solar technology already is because we have decided not to do it.

    We have a chance to bring solar technology a giant leap forward and turn it into a viable energy resource for the average consumer. Giving up is not an option.

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