Aug 14

Throwback Thursday: Vintage Training Material

A good friend of mine and former co-worker hit me up today with a little surprise.  He was cleaning out his office as he prepares to transition to a new job, and came across this:   What?  A crappy looking plastic folder with some documents inside in sloppy handwriting?  No no, my friends. What you’re […]

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If you agree, go here to vote:
Jul 26

The Next Big Idea in Solar: Voting

Here are the voting instructions.  Not sure what you’re voting for?  Click here to find out. You can jump directly to the page to vote for the submission from AES here. When this page loads, you should see a description of the proposal.  Please read it over, because I firmly believe this is a game changing […]

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And you will, too!
Jul 26

The next big idea in Solar Power

The simple, blunt truth is this: The only real reason we haven’t already achieved higher efficiency and lower cost in solar technology already is because we have decided not to do it.

We have a chance to bring solar technology a giant leap forward and turn it into a viable energy resource for the average consumer. Giving up is not an option.

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Offended Business Woman
Jun 24

Bad Habits: Frustrating behaviors of Recruiters and Hiring Managers

I have read hundreds, if not thousands of articles, blogs, Tweets and blurbs advising candidates how to succeed in the selection process.  After a while it all sounds the same.  I rarely see advice for hiring managers and recruiters, and when I do it’s usually coming from other hiring managers and recruiters.  Which is fine, […]

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LI logo_horrified
Dec 12

You’re doing it wrong: LinkedIn Invitations

I am a LinkedIn open networker.  This means I enjoy connecting with different kinds of people, and I am willing to connect with people I do not personally know and may never personally meet.  It does not mean, however, that I will connect with any slug who sends me a connection request. I choose to […]

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2dayFM hosts Mel Greig and Michael Christian pulled a prank call that led to tragic consequences
Dec 9

What the Royal Prank Can Teach Us About Group Think

By now, everyone has heard about the “Royal Prank,” and most likely, the tragic turn of events that stemmed from it.  With the news that the victim of the prank call has taken her life, any mature and responsible person has to take pause and consider how we got here. The reaction around the world […]

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Exciting New Search Technology!
Sep 5

The new recruiter and why your resume still sucks

Awhile back I wrote about why you hate your resume, and why recruiters hate it, too.  In case my argument did not persuade you, here’s an excellent roll-up from Greg Savage, recruiting industry guru and author of the blog The Savage Truth.  Greg delivered the keynote address for the RCSA conference in Fiji last week. […]

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LI logo_horrified
Aug 23

You’re doing it wrong: LinkedIn Profiles

This will be the first of my as-yet-unnumbered multi-part series on the many ways you can use LinkedIn to your disadvantage.  In today’s segment I’m going to talk about your profile.  If you don’t have a LI profile, well that’s your first problem.  Read my previous post about why it’s time to ditch your paper […]

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Sierra Vista, Arizona Fireworks Butterfield Photography_MG_0161
Jul 4

Today is the 4th of July

Today is the 4th of July.  And back where I come from people had the day off…some even had the whole week off of work enjoying backyard barbeques, family outings, fireworks and every kind of fun.  They play patriotic songs and people dress up in red, white and blue. For the most part, it’s just […]

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Cory in Langkawi
Jun 29

My Philosophy

Training is one of the most misused tools in the modern workplace. Training is used as a policy dissemination method, a correctional tool for someone who screwed up, a checkbox on the way to promotion. But organizations that really “get” training right have a completely different vision.

Workplace learning should be about discovery and innovation. The training department should be the “think tank”, not because the smartest people work there, but because it is the place people come to think and speak freely in search of solutions.

That’s the approach I take. If your training department only exists to regurgitate policy in PowerPoint form, you don’t need me, and you wouldn’t like me. But if you envision something more…stick around. Let’s talk.

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