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Offended Business Woman
Jun 24

Bad Habits: Frustrating behaviors of Recruiters and Hiring Managers

I have read hundreds, if not thousands of articles, blogs, Tweets and blurbs advising candidates how to succeed in the selection process.  After a while it all sounds the same.  I rarely see advice for hiring managers and recruiters, and when I do it’s usually coming from other hiring managers and recruiters.  Which is fine, […]

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Cory in Langkawi
Jun 29

My Philosophy

Training is one of the most misused tools in the modern workplace. Training is used as a policy dissemination method, a correctional tool for someone who screwed up, a checkbox on the way to promotion. But organizations that really “get” training right have a completely different vision.

Workplace learning should be about discovery and innovation. The training department should be the “think tank”, not because the smartest people work there, but because it is the place people come to think and speak freely in search of solutions.

That’s the approach I take. If your training department only exists to regurgitate policy in PowerPoint form, you don’t need me, and you wouldn’t like me. But if you envision something more…stick around. Let’s talk.

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Your Resume Sucks and You Hate It
Jun 29

Your résumé sucks

Résumé writers beware:  You’re about to be out of a job. People, it’s time to ditch your paper CV. The truly savvy professionals stopped relying on these ink-n-pulp relics some time ago.  I have some very talented web developer friends who haven’t relied on a print resume since the late 90s.  Most of them purchased domains […]

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This List is Clearly Unnecessary
May 9

Five Reasons to Stop Using Lists for Everything

Five Reasons I’m Going to Stop Using Lists for Everything

1. I believe you’re smart enough to extract the key points on your own, and I want to make you work for it.

2. You may have a different idea of what the key points should be than I do, and even though I’m the author of this little piece, I could be wrong.

3. There is joy to be discovered in nuance and subtlety, things we often miss out on when we reduce everything to a list.

4. I am enjoying the irony of making a list of reasons to stop using lists.

5. Our world is too complex to be reduced to a series of lists, and if we don’t learn to comprehend the world in its complexity we cannot hope to solve the complex challenges it brings us.

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