The new recruiter and why your resume still sucks

Sep 5
Exciting New Search Technology!

Awhile back I wrote about why you hate your resume, and why recruiters hate it, too.  In case my argument did not persuade you, here’s an excellent roll-up from Greg Savage, recruiting industry guru and author of the blog The Savage Truth.  Greg delivered the keynote address for the RCSA conference in Fiji last week.  On his blog he supplied a highlights reel of what some of the other speakers had to say.  Good stuff, you should check it out.…/

There were several key take-aways for me.

Two gems from Mike Walsh:

The key to understanding the future is to understand your own children. Kids born after 2007, when the iPhone was launched, have never been off the internet.

‘Knowing things’ is not important anymore. Having a network that gives you answers is more important.

 Whoa…that puts things in perspective.  Then there’s this bit of ‘slap you in the face’ honesty from Paul Slezak:
The recruiter of the future needs to be less pompous. More human.
 Yes, yes, yes and MORE YES.  David Arkless ( President of Global Corporate and Government Affairs for Manpower) seems to agree:
We are moving out of the technology age – into the human age.
This is why the social, mobile web is so fully integrated into our lives, by the way.  This technology has become a means by which we improve human connections, not a substitution for them as many nay-sayers claim.
And finally, the home-run / game-winning-goal-kick / final-second-free-throw / pick-your-favorite-sports-analogy, courtesy of Rachel Botsman:
Reputation on the Internet will become more powerful than your credit history in the 21st century.
The resume will be dead in 5 – 10 years. Reputation will be key.
You said it, sister.
It gives me hope when I see industry experts not only recognizing the fruitlessness of the resume, but acknowledging that the way HR and recruiting has long “worked” really isn’t working….and advocating a change in practice.  Good stuff, my thanks to Mr. Savage for his excellent blog and this tidy round-up of industry trends.

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