The Next Big Idea in Solar: Voting

Jul 26
If you agree, go here to vote:

Here are the voting instructions.  Not sure what you’re voting for?  Click here to find out. You can jump directly to the page to vote for the submission from AES here. When this page loads, you should see a description of the proposal.  Please read it over, because I firmly believe this is a game changing idea.  When you’re ready to vote, click on the “I agree” button to the right of the proposal description.

How to vote






At this point, you may be prompted to register for the site.  I had some difficulty getting my vote to tally until I registered, so if prompted please do so.  You can easily link it to one of your existing online profiles if you don’t want to create a new login ID and password to remember.

Once you’ve voted, I need your help doing one more thing.  Help me spread the word. This is not just about helping my dad and his business partners for a chance to win a grant to develop their concept.  I would love that for them, but that’s not why I’m writing this.  I firmly believe this is going to significantly advance solar technology and put it in the reach for many of us to use. And we need your help because there are still so many people fighting against these advances.

After you vote, go to the main page for this contest, click on “Vote for Ideas” and look through some of the other submissions.  There are some good ones!  But there is one submission in particular that is really sticking in my craw. As of this writing, the top vote getter, by a WIDE margin, is this submission:

Top vote getter








That’s right, folks.  The US Dept of Energy is soliciting ideas from ordinary citizens for how to improve upon a vital technology.  And while others are pouring their heart and soul into their idea…the trolls are currently winning. This is what we’re up against.  And these people will fight progress until it runs them over and leaves them in the dust.  I have sympathy for people who are unsure about change.  I have sympathy for people who feel skeptical when things comfortable and familiar are challenged. But a saboteur I cannot abide.

I can’t do this alone.  Please help me beat the trolls.  Spread this message far and wide and let’s get the votes in so we can march forward.

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